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Catering specifically to the woman rider is a high priority at Upspeed. We know that women's needs are unique to women, grossly overlooked in our industry, and that women's motorcycle helmets, jackets, pants, boots and gear should be presented with a female-specific set of criteria in mind. We strive to carry a multitude of ladies motorcycle jackets & gear in both our store and online which will cater to a woman's street, ADV / sport touring & cruiser crowd.  We also take the time internally to learn the nuances of features and fit so that we may be able to recommend and size the right ladies' apparel for each individual rider. We proudly carry women's gear from REV'IT!, Dainese, Icon, Alpinestars, Olympia, Fieldsheer, Joe Rocket, Firstgear & River Road among others. We hope women riders find shopping for motorcycle gear at upspeed as easy and straight forward as we are striving for it to be.

Women Riding Jackets

This one’s for the ladies. In years past, the market for Women’s Motorcycle Jackets has been little more than re-purposed Men’s Motorcycle Jackets that were designed with a few different color options, flowers, and butterflies. Often times, the functionality was average, the features were “meh,” and the cut was anything but ergonomic. However, recent advancements in motorcycle jacket design for women have really afforded great strides in the right direction. Finding proper jackets is now a much more amicable experience that allows for a selection that best suits individual needs, styles, and performance preferences.

Women Racesuits

Women's motorcycle race suits are relatively limited in their current supply, but as more ladies start hitting the track, more and more manufacturers are sure to pay attention to the needs of the lady racer. Upspeed carries women's race suits from Alpinestars and Dainese. If you have any questions when choosing a women's motorcycle racing suit, do not hesitate to contact us to help you in your selection.


Women Riding Boots

Women's motorcycle boots are designed to do all of the hardcore things that the boots for guys do - only these boots are designed for the anatomical differences of a women's foot. As a whole they will be smaller, but they will also have slightly different shaped foot beds as well as calf and arch supports. Many of the top manufacturers have been defining and refining the women's-specific boots for some time, and to date they have a great approach to designing them for all applications. If you have any questions about the women's boot selection from Upspeed, please shoot us a line. Some of our favorite motorcycle boots for women are here on our Gear Guide and some of our favorite brands are Alpinestars, Sidi, TCX and Dainese. There are boots designed for track riding as well as touring in the women's moto boot lineup.

Women Gloves

Women’s motorcycle gloves are different than standard Men’s versions. Yeah, that seems pretty basic. However, it is not. For a long time, motorcycle gloves for women were not overly representative of the ergonomic differences that set the two apart. Basically, manufacturers would just put some Pinks, Purples, flowers, and butterflies on what was a pretty standard glove, and then proclaim, “Hey, these are special ladies’ motorcycle gloves.” That is no longer the case, thank goodness! Now women's gloves greatly reflect the general differences in hand size, shape, and relative palm thickness when compare to finger length. That, in turn, has made a huge difference in the availability, quality, and overall utility of women’s motorcycle gloves throughout the industry.  Since there are so many new options, make sure to check out our Gear Guide for the best women's motorcycle gloves today!

Women Helmets

This one’s for the ladies. Looking throughout the industry for Women’s motorcycle helmets showcases a wide-variety of varying styles, makes, and graphical options that leaves plenty of selection for just about any aesthetic preference. From the high-end industry leaders to more entry-level value-priced options, the marketplace for motorcycle helmets specifically built for women riders has increased exponentially over the past few years. Whether as a passenger or leading the charge at the head of the pack, female motorcyclists are quickly seeing the options for lady-specific motorcycle helmets skyrocket. With forms, functionalities, and graphics/colorways that are as various as the personal styles of the lady riders who wear them along the way, the world of Womens motorcycle helmets is one that is robust in both style and substance.

Women Riding Pants​

Women’s motorcycle pants have made leaps and bounds in recent years. Along with motorcycle pants in general, the form, fit, and functionality of women’s pants have skyrocketed. Not too many years ago, finding a pair of motorcycle pants for women would have been far more frustrating. Options were limited, styles were consistently similar, and the features were relatively non-existent. However, the great influx in ladies’ motorcycle pants has greatly alleviated some of these issues, and women’s pants for motorcycle riders are now a thriving segment of the industry.

Women Riding Jeans

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans. Find your favourite motorcycle jeans. Motorcycle jeans are reinforced for abrasion resistance to help keep your skin safe in the event of a crash. Riding jeans deliver similar levels of protection in comparison to other motorcycle-specific pants; all while looking like a traditional pair of jeans. Upspeed offers a full range of women’s denim spanning from skinny and slim cuts, to regular and relaxed. Different rises are available as well in addition to various washes.