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Full Face Helmet: This is the best type of helmet and provides an all-round protection.

Flip Up/Modular Helmet: Modular helmet give you the best of both worlds i.e. full face helmets and open face helmets. The front part of the helmet can be slide on the top. These helmets are best for riders who find it uncomfortable to use a full-face helmet for longer periods.

Dual sport Helmet: Dual sport helmet as the name suggests is used for on road and off-road needs. It has an exterior design that is quite similar to a motocross helmets with padding and comfort just like a full-face helmet.

Dirt Bike Helmets: From tormentors of trail to masters of MX, anyone who likes to get dirty on two wheels needs a good off-road helmet to protect their melon. Motocross helmets are specifically designed to perform and protect under the unique conditions of off-road riding. Peak visors are used to deflect roost from other riders as well as offer some relief from sun glare. Wide view ports allow for the use of goggles, which better protect the rider’s eyes from dust and debris. The open eye port, in concert with aggressive venting and an elongated chin bar, provides more open space around the rider’s face, facilitating better air flow, a necessity under the more strenuous nature of off-road riding. Modern dirt bike helmets benefit from the technology developed for street helmets and are made from the latest materials. They are subject to various safety standards and certifications, ensuring that rider protection is top priority and with many different options to choose from, there is a helmet to suit any rider in any price range.

Snowmobile Helmets: Snowmobile helmets do so much more than safeguarding your head in a crash. A snowmobile helmet protects your face against windchill and preserves your vision with various anti-fog technologies. Modular and full-face helmets with integrated face shields provide the best defence against frigid temperatures when riding in open terrain at high speed. A modular helmet is a full-face helmet that allows the front portion of the helmet to lift up. This feature is perfect for enjoying a conversation, snack or drink, or simply getting some fresh air. Face shields are available in either dual lens or electric heated configurations. A dual lens shield works great for most riders to prevent fog build up. A snowmobile helmet with an electric shield takes fog prevention to a whole other level. Not only does an electric shield virtually eliminate fog, but it also helps to prevent ice build-up on your face shield. While full face and modular helmets are best for open terrain, snocross 'dirt bike-style’ helmets are better suited for backcountry riding. A dirt bike style helmet is generally lighter and features more ventilation for keeping your cool when riding technical terrain. With the option of goggles, a backcountry rider can choose very specific lens types for increasing contrast in various lighting conditions. Whether you’re blasting down your local trails or exploring the backcountry, Upspeed has a snowmobile helmet with the features you need.

Open Face Helmet: This helmet provides protection for the skull but leaves the face exposed. This helmet is popular among cruisers, cafe racers, tourers etc.

Motocross Helmet: This dirt bike helmet is designed for off roading. It has a front peak and the visor is not a part of this helmet as the riders usually wear goggles for protection.

Half Helmets: Motorcycle half helmets allow for the best "wind in your face" factor when riding, although they do it at the compromise of any facial protection. A motorcycle half helmet in the States still needs to be DOT approved. All of the half helmets sold by are DOT approved, not to be confused with low profile "novelty" helmets which can be found cheaply in other stores online. A half helmet still needs to protect the rider's head adequately during a crash. Most times half motorcycle helmets are worn by casual urban motorcycle and scooter riders who experience low speeds and stop-start traffic on a regular basis. Upspeed recommends that for riding styles which involve any open roads or highway speeds, a 3/4 or full-face helmet be worn.

Helmets Accessories: Welcome to your online home for motorcycle helmet accessories! Upspeed makes a distinct effort to support all the helmets we carry with the manufacturer’s full line of accessories and replacement parts—even after the helmet is no longer in production. For the full 5-7 year lifespan of your helmet, we strive to offer all the base plates, pivot kits, hardware, breath boxes, chin curtains and optional size comfort liners—all the motorcycle helmet replacement parts you will ever need to keep your lid in ship shape for its full service life. We also carry storage and transportation solutions like visor bags for your extra shield, helmet locks to prevent theft, and motorcycle helmet bags to protect your investment when you carry it with you. When you purchase a helmet from Upspeed, you can be confident that we will support you post-purchase with all the motorcycle helmet parts and accessories you may need.

Helmet Bluetooth Accessories: Bikers can easily communicate with their loved ones while riding, through intercom and bluetooth technology. Integrating your helmet with a good bluetooth communication system has many benefits. You can experience a more enjoyable ride without any distractions or the need to stop anywhere. Some bluetooth systems also come with an entertainment system where riders can get an immersive experience on their journey. Bikers can choose the best bluetooth accessories for their helmets from top brands like SENA, Scala Rider, InterPhone etc. They are available online in India at best prices.

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