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Customization of Electric Bikes, Electric Cars & Electric cycle India

At UpSpeed we constantly work towards the green future and want to contribute to the future revolution in Automobile Industry. Our Engineers are focused on finding various solutions which are totally electric and will be useful in day-to-day life also affordable to all people. We working hard towards providing better and clean energy solutions to all our customers. Our Technical team also searching for various technologies which can help you to access all the possible options to join this journey. We love ideas so if you have any amazing idea which will help us in this journey, we are happy to hear. Together we can make this journey awesome. Also, we pledge to our aim one pitstop for all your need. #UPSPEED

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Electric Battery Pack Maintenance India

Battery Pack


We work on all kind of battery pack maintenance, also you can replace previous acid battery pack with li-ion for less maintenance and high durability.
Electric Bikes & Electric Cars customization of Battry Pack India


Our expert will carry out all
e-vehicle repairing & maintenance work. You can also increase your electric bike/car range, and our experts will help you with new battery-making or upgrading existing.
Electric Cycles customization of Battry Pack India


Convert your cycle to electric cycle for long cycle drive and for day-to-day use. With a Li-ion battery, you can ride your cycle without a single pedal for around 30Kms.
Customization work of Electric Battery pack of Li-ion India

Customized work on

Li-ion Battery

You can reach out to our expert for any kind of idea you have regarding battery pack modification, E-Bike/car modification, or any idea you have. We love the innovative idea to work on.

Go Green Plan


  • Go Green Plan Discounted Price – Rs.199/-

  • You can connect with our expert and discuss your idea or requirement.

  • Includes: 30 Min video call/telephone discussion, field visit (if required), Quotation for work.

  • If you agree with our quotation further work plan will be send by our Go Green Expert.

  • If you are not satisfied with this plan ‘No Question Ask’ refund policy. Just send us an email at

Customization of Electric cycles, Electric Bikes & Electric cars India

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