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Roost, rinse, repeat. You go out and get muddy and airborne, twisted and broken. You go home and mend, clean your bike, fix what broke and do it all over again the next weekend. You need all your aftermarket go-fast bits and protective equipment to keep up. At Upspeed, we’ve curated the best collection of motocross products for both rider and dirt bike on the web, because we’re riders too. We carry all the top brands and choice products we would choose for our own bikes to give you the stuff you need to get out there and shred. Oh, that well-tuned braap—it’s music to our ears. Finally, all Rider's dreams come true – One Pitstop for all your need.



It is not a matter of style. It's not a matter of comfort. It's the difference between getting back up and back in the race and getting jacked up and sitting out for the season. You need to trust your motocross gear as much as you trust your bike and as much you trust yourself and your skills. You need to know your dirt bike riding gear and your bike will perform—so you can push the limits of your abilities. Your gear cannot inhibit your movements on the bike; you have to be fluid. The best motocross apparel on the market offers a balance of mobility and functionality, protecting you in a spill without holding you back. From life-saving neck braces and motocross helmets to knee braces & guards, boots & gloves, and jerseys & pants, every piece of dirt bike clothing and protective gear need to do its part for you to win. Suit up with the best dirt bike gear and apparel on the market from RevZilla, and ride with confidence knowing you got your gear from the guys who know best - because we're out there too.



When going off-road you take on an arduous trail with its own sets of happiness and hindrances. To protect your eyes, a good pair of Motocross goggles can come in quite handy. Unlike many on-road and ADV options, motocross helmets come without an attached face shield, and, thus, need a pair of motocross goggles to protect your eyes as you go. With MX goggles that have been designed for motocross riding, you get robust, resilient, and reliable eye protection as you jockey for position while kicking up dirt and rocks in every direction. The other noticeable thing about motocross goggles is that they mirror the overall off-road style of loud colors and high-energy graphical aesthetics.



The army tanks of moto footwear, dirt bike riding boots are purpose-built to handle the rigors of off-road ventures by providing beefy levels of support and protection. Typically much stiffer than other boots, motocross boots are full height, giving the rider protection from the toe to the tibia. Buckles are built to take a beating and allowing easy access even when caked with mud and debris. Since sliding is not really a concern in the dirt, protection is focused on ankle bracing and injuries that occur from impacts and sudden stops. Shin plates and reinforced toe boxes protect riders from pegs, branches, kick-starters, and other hazards common to MX bikes. Robust ankle protection secures the rider’s foot, preventing torsion as well as impact-related injuries. Soles are designed specifically to interface with the serrated pegs of off-road bikes while leather or rubber panels on the inside of the boots guard against exhaust burns and give you a better grip on the bike when standing up.


Dirt Bike Exhaust

When it comes to performance modifications, a new exhaust is generally the first place you look. Ditching the stock, heavy, restrictive can(s) on your ride can drastically improve performance and sound. With hundreds of options available, aftermarket exhausts from top brands like Akrapovic, Remus, Graves Motorsports, Scorpion, Two Brothers, Arrow, and Yoshimura deliver stunning build quality, improve throttle response, decrease weight and provide impressive horsepower and torque gains. Whether you are looking to give your street bike some pep with a slip-on or go ham on a full titanium race system, Upspeed has a vast selection of exhausts from the world's top manufacturers to get your motor breathing like it was intended to. We carry all the top brands and choice products we would choose for our own bikes to give you the stuff you need to get out there and shred. Oh, that well-tuned braap—it’s music to our ears.



Motocross Roost Protectors, Knee Braces, Shin Guards, Neck Braces & More. Motocross protective gear is an essential part of the equation. While street riders have their own sets of protective motorcycle gear, those who go off-road in their motocross pursuits require something a bit different. It’s not motocross if you aren’t pushing the limit a bit, and you’re not pushing it properly if your outfit does not include protective gear. Like the cyborg ninja outfits of the dirtbike world, motocross protective gear is both sleek, technical, and a necessary part of the role. Also, protective motocross gear just makes you look mean!


Dirt Bike Tyres

Tires for your dirt bike are far different than for other types of motorcycles. You need grip, durability, and most of all -- the right fitment! For those reasons, dirt bike tires are something to really study up on before making a final purchase. Depending on your intended use, the various choices of dirtbike tires can impact the success (and enjoyment) of your ride in a multitude of ways. So, as you take aim on the trails of the world, be sure to equip yourself properly with the requisite set of dirt bike tires. Choose from our selection of dirt bike tires for a set of knobbies suited for the race track, single track, or the homemade dirt track behind your buddy’s house. Whether you’re racing motocross or tackling enduro trails, the right dirt bike tires will give you the rugged durability and grip needed to take on any terrain. Search through our selection with speed by using the tire size finder to narrow down your options to find the right size for your bike’s rims. If you’re looking for a matching set, make sure to reenter the rim size when toggling between the front and rear tires.



From tormentors of the trail to masters of MX, anyone who likes to get dirty on two wheels needs a good off-road helmet to protect their melon. Motocross helmets are specifically designed to perform and protect under the unique conditions of off-road riding. Peak visors are used to deflect roost from other riders as well as offer some relief from sun glare. Wide viewports allow for the use of goggles, which better protect the rider’s eyes from dust and debris. The open eye port, in concert with aggressive venting and an elongated chin bar, provides more open space around the rider’s face, facilitating better air flow, a necessity under the more strenuous nature of off-road riding. Modern dirt bike helmets benefit from the technology developed for street helmets and are made from the latest materials. They are subject to various safety standards and certifications, ensuring that rider protection is top priority and with many different options to choose from, there is a helmet to suit any rider in any price range.

Dirt Bike Accessories

A great many people will get the same dirt bike, but none of them will get yours. While the make, model, and year of each motocross motorcycle provides a relatively robust number of units, finding the right dirt bike accessories for your specific motorcycle is what sets yours apart. When it comes to shopping for dirt bike and motocross accessories, it’s all about the details. What will you be using the bike for? Where will you ride? When will you go? How deep are you looking to go with augmentations? All good questions, and all integral in buying the best dirt bike accessories to fit your needs. As with all motorcycles, accessories for motocross bikes encompass a wide-variety of possible products. From rally packs and fender bags to motorcycle lift stands and motorcycle helmet cameras, the array of off-road riding accessories is as diverse as the terrain that riders traverse. In the end, it all comes down to one thing; making your dirt bike more adept at providing exactly what you are looking for. With an expansive list of top-tier players in the game, the shopping experience for off-road motorcycle accessories, and the upgrade that each new addition provides, open up each ride to a new level of possibility. So, take care of your bike. Arm it (and yourself) for the rugged trek ahead. Whether it is performance or maintenance, streamlined functionality or long-term sustainability of ride quality, dirt bike and motocross accessories allow you to take your off-road excursions to the next level, and to keep them there!